A Basic Guide to Getting Started

City of Tye, Texas

Where it all comes together

  1. Prime Location
    Tye is the hub of the Big Country, located at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Farm-to-Market Road 707. Tye is positioned for easy transportation to points throughout the south-central United States. We are just west of Abilene at the entrance to Dyess Air Force Base. We have three truck stops, seven major truck repair and sales centers, a railroad and airport within 10 miles.
  2. Affordable Workforce
    Tye has one of the most affordable labor markets in the nation! The average income per household in Tye is $32,344, compared to the Taylor County average household income of $33,906.
  3. Affordable Property
    Property taxes are low and permits are easily granted by the city. There are several properties available now along the Interstate 20 frontage road and along Farm-to-Market Road 707.
  4. Get Started Today
    Contact City Hall to discuss your business plan with us. We'll help you select the area best suited for your business. We'll also go over permits and applications that may be needed. Need financial assistance? Tye Industrial and Economic Development Corporations can assist you with provisional loans and grants. Call or stop by today!