Municipal Court - Fines
Appearances are before the Municipal Judge on Wednesdays, between 8am & 4pm.
**If you are under age 17, a parent or guardian MUST accompany you to open court for any offenses. ** If under 18 for any alcohol / tobacco offenses. **

$144.00 + $2.00 Per Mile Over Posted Speed Limit Up To 25 MPH Over Limit
(Example - If you were speeding 65 MPH in a 55 MPH zone you would figure $2.00 x 10 =20+ 144.00 = $164.00 fine)
** if cited in excess of 20+ mph, you must contact the court for the total fine and cost.**

Other Violations
Defective/Unsafe Equipment: (Dismiss if proof of repair before initial appearance $10.00 fee payable - CDL not eligible) - $149.00
Expired Inspection (20 days to renew & present proof for dismissal $20.00 fee  payable) - $174.00
DL Restriction Violations/Expired DL - $175.00
Expired CDL - $239.00
No DL - $207.00
Suspended DL - $237.00
Ran Stop Sign / Fail to Yield Right of Way (w/out accident) - $175.00 (w/accident) - $250.00
Operate Unregistered Vehicle/Expired Registration (20 days to renew with late penalty paid to county assessor/collector present proof to court for dismissal; $20.00 fee payable) - $174.00
Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance (FTMFR) see below (1st offense) - $351.00 (Sub. Offense) - $566.00
(a second or subsequent conviction of FTMFR will result in the suspension of your drivers license and Motor Vehicle Registration unless you file and maintain proof of financial responsibility with the Department of Public Safety for two years from the date of conviction. The Department may waive the requirement to file proof of financial responsibility if you file satisfactory evidence with the Department showing thatat the time this citation was issued, the vehicle was covered bt a liability insurance policy or that you were otherwise exempt from the requirements to provide evidence of financial responsibility.)

Miscellaneous Violations
Open Alcohol Beverage Container - $266.00
Public Intoxication/Disorderly Conduct - $266.00
Misc. Class “C” Misdemeanors (Penal Code) - $266.00
**MIP Tobacco (if age 17) / **Alcohol (if age 18) All must appear & a parent must accompany minor if under noted age.

Fines and Court Costs
The maximum fine for most municipal court traffic violations is $200; for most penal violations $500; in addition to the fine, court costs mandated by state law will also be charged.  Fines for municipal ordinance violations or for a second or third traffic violation of the same type may exceed $500.  These charges vary according to the kind of violation.  Court costs are assessed if you plea no contest, or if your case is deferred for defensive driving or deferred disposition.  The amount of fine the court assesses is determined only by the facts and circumstances of each case, and may vary.  The above amounts are provided as acceptable fine and costs, if paid and remitted with an uncontested plea to the Court on or before your appearance date as noted on the citation.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 01, 2014

***In some cases, you may request that a charge be dismissed by taking a DRIVING SAFETY COURSE (DSC) or by DEFERRED DISPOSITION.  You lose that right if you do not present written notice to the Court on or before your appearance date of your desire to do so.  Please note you must include a copy of your valid Texas driver’s license, or out of state driver’s license and an active military I.D., valid motor vehicle insurance (financial responsibility) and a cashiers check or money order in the amount of court costs and any special expense, payable to the Tye Municipal Court, with your request.  You may remit by CERTIFIED MAIL or IN PERSON, a form is provided on the reverse side of this letter.

***You are not eligible for DSC if you have been charged with speeding 25 mph over the posted speed limit, or if you have taken DSC within twelve months. (This request must be made to the Judge and could be denied.)

***If you hold a Commercial Driver’s License, you are not eligible for any dismissal by DSC or Deferred Disposition in Municipal Court.
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