The Public Works office provides garbage collection and roll-off services to the residents and businesses of Tye. Please review the information below concerning each service.

Garbage Rates

  • Residential: $17.84 +tax (90 gallon can)
  • Commercial: $28.56 +tax (90 gallon can)
  • Commercial: $53.02 +tax (300 gallon can)

Residential garbage pick-up is every Tuesday. Commercial garbage pick-up is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Additional commercial pick-up rates are as follows:
  • 90 gallon (once per week) - $28.56
  • 90 gallon (twice per week) - $45.90
  • 300 gallon (once per week) - $53.02
  • 300 gallon (twice per week) - $99.94
  • 300 gallon (three per week) - $156.06

Public Works is not responsible for the removal of furniture, appliances or any other large items that can not be picked up by the garbage truck. Please make arrangements to have these items removed and dumped at an approved site, or you can bring these items to the city yard, on the designated days, and dispose of them into the roll-off containers...see below.

Helpful Hints for Garbage Collection

  • Make sure your container is out by 7am on collection day
  • Bag all loose trash...BAGGED TRASH STOPS LITTER
  • Place the container close to the street, so the truck can reach it, away from all obstacles. Trash will not be picked up if set too close to any obstacle.
  • Do not "JAM" trash into the container. This can prevent the container from being completely emptied
  • Trash piled high in the container can fall out as the truck picks it up. Anything that falls out will be left
  • NO WOOD OR METAL! This can damage the truck
  • NO TREE LIMBS. Take any limbs to the city yard wood pile, or place limbs next to the curb...see Limbs

Roll-off Rates - Demolition and Construction
  • Rental fee: $225.00 +tax. This includes first dump
  • Haul fee: $115.00 +tax. This does not include weight
  • Weight fee: $25.00/ton +tax, one ton minimum

This container is for construction and demolition only! Tires, batteries, compressors and combustible items, such as paint cans and aerosol cans, shall not be placed into the roll-off container(s). Household trash is also prohibited. Use of the container is limited to 30 days.

Roll-off Rates - Limbs

  • Rental fee: $50.00 +tax
  • Residents may also dump their limbs at the city yard, Monday - Friday, from 8am to 3pm

This container is for limbs, brush, un-bagged grass clippings and un-bagged leaves ONLY! A fee of $225.00 plus tax will be charged for any other garbage or trash placed into the container. Use of the container is limited to 5 days.

Roll-off Dump Yard
The City of Tye provides one free dump per month at the city yard. Residents can bring their furniture, appliances or anything else the garbage truck can't pick up, and dump them into the roll-off containers. The dump yard is open on the first and third Saturdays of each month, from 8:00am to 1:00pm, dependant on weather and roll-off container availability. Customers will need to bring their current water bill in order to dump. Cost for dump is as follows:

  • First dump of the month: FREE (no more than a pickup load)
  • Second and each additional dump: $25.00

Trucks with trailers are considered two separate loads. If you have not used your free dump, the cost will be $25.00. If you have used your free dump, the cost will be $50.00.

For more information, please contact us at 325-692-8588.

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