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What's one of the best ways to bring joy to the family? Adopt a pet! Pet adoptions save the lives of homeless cats and dogs. A common misconception about animals in shelters is that they were put there because they are aggressive or too old. In reality, the number one reason reason for relinquishment for both dogs and cats is the same - the family is moving. While there are aggressive animals in the shelter, these animals are not available for adoption. At the Tye Animal Shelter, we make every effort to ensure the pet you are adopting is non-aggressive and will meet your family's expectations!

The Tye Animal Shelter takes in dogs and cats. These pets are kept for 7 days, giving the owner time to claim them. After 7 days, the pets become the property of the city. The Animal Control Officer will determine which pets are suitable for adoption. Pets that are suitable for adoption are featured below and will be available for 7 to 10 days. Every Saturday, new adoptable pets will be listed. Because the Tye Animal Shelter is a small shelter, there may be times when there are no pets available.

The cost for adoption is $25.00 per pet. Families adopting a pet will be responsible for rabies vaccinations and spay or neuter, if applicable. To request an adoption, please visit City Hall and fill out the Pet Adoption Agreement. For more information, please contact City Hall at 325-692-8588.
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Cats for Adoption
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