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Animal Control
The City of Tye Animal Control is responsible for protecting the health & safety of all citizens and visitors, their pets and property through licensing and field enforcement. We are also responsible for impounding all animals found running at large and issuing citations for any violations of the city ordinance and/or any applicable law(s) pertaining to animals.

Thousands of pets are lost each year. Even the most responsible pet owner can experience circumstances which allow a pet to stray or become lost. One way to help eliminate lost pets is to register your pet with the city. Pets with city tags stand a better chance of getting home than those without. The City of Tye requires all pets residing within the city limits to be registered. If you haven't registered your pet, please stop by city hall. For more information on pet rules and regulations, please visit the Rules and Regulations page, or call City Hall at 325-692-8588.
Notes from the Field
Summer time is here and with it, brings hot temperatures and severe weather. The city ordinance states that all dogs, cats, and other domestic pets shall be provided with access to shelter to allow them to remain dry and protected. Shelter shall be enclosed fully on three sides, roofed, and have a solid floor. The entrance to the shelter shall be flexible to allow the animal’s entry and exit, sturdy enough to block entry of wind and rain. It shall be small enough to retain the animal’s body heat and large enough to allow the animal to stand and turn comfortably. The enclosure shall be structurally sound and in good repair. Bedding shall be provided. When sunlight is likely to cause overheating or discomfort, sufficient shade (artificial or natural) shall be provided to allow animals to protect themselves from the direct rays of the sun. If shade is provided by the enclosure, allowance shall be made for adequate ventilation.

For livestock, all livestock shall have a shed of reasonable size for the number of livestock to allow them to remain dry, during wet weather and protected from severe chill factors. Such shelter shall have three sides and a roof. It shall be structurally sound and in good repair to protect the livestock from injury. Such shelter will provide minimum space to accommodate all livestock confined within the compound. If either natural or artificial shade is provided by the enclosure, allowance shall be made for adequate ventilation.

Please ensure all pets and livestock are ready for summer. For more information, please contact City Hall at 325-692-8588.