There has been some complaints from citizens about the garbage that accumulates on the street and in yards after the garbage containers are emptied. The garbage truck driver is not required to get out of the truck at any time during collection.  Therefore, it is up to you to make sure that your garbage is secured in the containers to keep it from collecting in the streets and yards.  Here are a few helpful hints:

Make sure your container is out by 7 am on garbage collection day.  Tuesday for residential customers.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday for commercial customers
Bag all loose paper and trash.  Although this is not a requirement, it is a strong suggestion.  Loose paper and trash can easily blow in the wind.  “BAGGED TRASH STOPS LITTER”.  IF YOUR TRASH IS LEFT ON THE GROUND, YOU CAN BE CHARGED WITH "ILLEGAL DUMPING"

Place the container close to the street so the garbage truck can reach it.  Please leave adequate spacing between your container and fences, vehicles, mail boxes, etc.  Setting your container too close to obstacles can prevent your garbage from being emptied

Do not overstuff your container.  Trash that is jammed in the container can prevent the container from being emptied entirely.  Trash that is piled high in the container can fall off as the arms are lifting the container and will be left on the ground

Do not put wood or metal (construction debris) in the container.  These items can damage the truck and will prevent your garbage from being collected.

May  2 - Roll Off Containers will be open
              8 am - 1 pm at City Maintenance
              Yard across from Tye Cemetery
              Tye Community Musical, 6 pm at
              Tye Community Center

May 10 - Mother's Day

May 13 - Law Enforcement Appreciation
              Luncheon, Tye Community

May 15 - Peace Officer's Appreciation Day

May 16 - Roll Off containers will be open
              8 am - 1 pm at City Maintenance
              Yard, across from Tye Cemetery

May 18 - Tye City Council Meeting, 6:30 pm
              Tye City Hall

May 21 - Limb Pick Up.  All tree limbs must
              be in front of the residence next to
              the street.

May 25 - Memorial Day.  City Hall will be

City Calendar

The City of Tye will, once again, host a Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon Wednesday, May 13th, at the Tye Community Center.  This event is the city's way of showing appreciation to our local police officers and other area law enforcement agencies that help keep the citizens of Tye safe.
Law Enforcement Luncheon
Helpful Hints For Garbage Collection
Lunch will be served from 11 am to 2 pm.  All law enforcement officers and personnel are invited to attend.  This has been a great success in the past years, with attendance growing each year.